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Restaurant & Art Gallery
Close to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

97 West Center Street, Kanab, Utah 84741
phone: (435) 644-8001

Rocking V Cafe

Fall's bounty from our GARDENATOR, Don Gehre @ Dark Star Organics in Fredonia, AZ...Center of the Universe, 86022, as the bumper sticker says. AND, as they say in Kanab: "Thems's the goodest tumayters that they are bein' ripe-like." So come on in for a fresh meal @ The Rocking V Cafe.

The Hours

11:30a - 10p

Lunch 11:30a - 4:45p
Dinner 5p - 10p (or later)

Fall is HERE! and the cool weather makes patio dining a joy this time of year so bring a jacket &/or a blanket, eat outside, enjoy the crispness of the chill & Daylight Savings Time....while it is still confusing. 

Everyone wants to eat at early, so don't freak out when arriving without a reservation at 7p and you're told we have an hour and a half wait. 

We SO want to feed you & for you to have a great meal & a fantastic time but yes, those empty tables you see are for people who planned ahead & no, you can not sit in someone's lap.

Low blood sugar meltdowns on the part of surly late arrivers will be dealt with accordingly.

In other news:
The Rocking V will remain OPEN 7 days a week (except Thanksgiving Day, 11/27)
through Monday, December 1.

Starting Tue, December 2 & Wed, Dec 3, we'll be closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays throughout the winter.
We'll be OPEN, Noon - 8p,
Thursday - Monday, starting Thurs, Dec 4.

Christmas week we'll be closed:
Tues Dec 23, Wed Dec 24 AND Thurs Dec 25.

Stay tuned for New Year's schedule, which is still TBD.
Let us know if you'll show for New Year's Eve, if we stay open.

Thanks, as ALWAYS for your continued support & have a WONDERFUL FALL!


The Big Idea

Guests enjoying the food...

We set out to create a fun place to eat great food, served by really friendly people, in a relaxifying atmosphere, surrounded by cool art & good music. Simple.

We want our place to be a spot where you can come and have a wonderful time after a fantastic day of hiking, a long day of driving, or a lazy, waste-lots-of-time-doing-nothin' day & find an oasis of enjoyment for your senses. There’s a reason we don’t have WiFi. Chill. Exhale. Sit. Listen. Look around. Power down. Kill the phone. Stow the tablet. Talk to the people you’re dining with. Talk to the people sitting next to you. Enjoy your meal. Don't rush.(Unless you’ve been at the table for three hours, then you need to: eat it & beat it!. And no, we don’t mean eat the table, that would take a long time and the splinters are hard to digest). Smile.

Smile again, because we're trying to do our part to make the planet happy. We compost most of our veggie waste in our chef’s garden and trade the remaining waste for locally produced eggs. Our menu is printed on 100% recycled paper. We serve water on request only to help conserve The West's MOST valuable resource. Insulation, not landfillation! And most of the water you do leave in your glass, goes outside to make our plants happy & healthy. We recycle a large portion of our cardboard boxes as packing material when shipping art. There’s a motion sensor on the lights in the gallery so they don't stay on all the time if nobody's up there. We also print our nightly paperwork on the backs of old invoices and junk mail.

Saving the planet, one bottle at a time...

Many garage doors have been successfully insulated with the styrofoam sheets that come in our fresh meat shipments. We'll also be happy to give you the cardboard six pack holder for Polygamy Porter, so you don't have to get on the plane with the empty bottle.

All the wine corks are being saved for the World’s Most “Fragrant” Bouncey House which Victor is planning to build as soon as he stops hiking The Subway

We're trying.

The Contacts

Email Us

Phone: (435) 644-8001

The Place

The Food

The Art

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